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One of Nick’s sought after creations is the Steel Rose. These beautiful hand made sculptures are faithfully created in steel to form an ever-lasting token of your love. A Steel Rose, due to their complexity, is made to order. Each one is as unique as the real flower. The petals are made individually to fit the rose being created. These take a long time to construct and finish, but with this effort comes passion.

Nick enjoys making each one, as he knows it is going to be given in love to that special someone. It will be to symbolise love, longevity, perfection and all that is felt when someone is in love. To be given as a token of affection and yet, unlike a real rose, it will not fade or die, to provide a unique ever-lasting reminder of that special moment and feeling.

As Nick has always intended: Art to Evoke Emotion.

Buy a Steel Rose Now

To purchase a Steel Rose, please use the PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button.

If you require it for a particular date, please contact us first to check availability.

£125 inc p&p in UK

Overseas customers please contact us first.

A Steel Rose makes a perfect gift at any time of the year. After all, a rose is not just for Valentine’s day. Steel is also associated with an 11 year wedding anniversary.

Once your Steel Rose has been created and discretely signed by Nick Warburton, it is placed in a presentation bag with scented rose petals and then carefully wrapped to protect it within its sturdy postage box. This ensures that when it is given, it appears as beautiful as the moment it was created.

Steel Roses

* Due to the unique nature of Steel Roses, each bloom will vary in size and therefore stated dimensions can only be approximate.



A Steel Rose is clear lacquered to enhance the look and provide protection. Please note that there is up

to a 14 day lead due to the popularity and time taken to create them. We advise you to contact us

if it is required for a particular date (Birthday, anniversary or wedding, etc).

A Steel Rose measures approx 220 x 70 mm*.

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