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Nick’s love of producing art in metal and capturing moments in a similar way to his photography has allowed him to produce some amazing and intricate pieces of work.

Many marvel at Nick’s ability to manipulate metal to bring such a soft and delicate elegance to a medium that is normally associated with industry and immensity.

His ‘stickman’ sculptures have a great following and have been likened to Lowry's artwork. Nick is flattered by this and is thrilled to produce art that is loved by so many people around the world. His art can depict so many different situations. Some are akin to 3D photographs, while others portray something that is simply beautiful.

Nick will use other mediums to compliment his work. Wood and glass are among his favourites. All of the creations made from mild steel have been clear lacquered for longevity for indoor work. Outdoor sculptures will have a finish appropriate to the requirements. Nick also uses stainless steel and will even gold plate to enhance or to accentuate a piece. Other metals have been used too where appropriate or requested.

Nick is available for commissions. He enjoys working with clients to fulfil their dreams and visions and to produce the desired end result: Art to appreciate.

“I love the challenge of producing a one-off piece, no matter how big or small. Each project is a new challenge, using the skills and knowledge I gained from previous pieces to push my boundaries and skills further. I can also organise and manage the whole installation project if required for the client.”

Nick’s creations have been for an individual’s personal indulgence, for that special gift or to add to a collection. In any case, they have brought pleasure to the owner, and even on occasion, a tear to their eye. Nick’s creations really follow his ethos of ‘Art to Evoke Emotion’.

To view examples of Nick’s creations, click on the images or go to the Sculpture Gallery.

To enquire about current sculptures for sale, please Contact Nick using the online form.


The Dragonfly’. Commission for residential garden. Galvanised steel. Full design, creation and installation carried out by Nick.