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The FuglyBugs are coming! An ideal, fun and unique present.

A FuglyBug is born in a free-range environment and, once hatched, are sent to people to be re-homed and start living their own life.

A FuglyBug may not be the prettiest of creatures, but how can you not be taken in by those deep blue eyes? All they need is love and the occasional dusting.

A FuglyBug comes in its own box, with a Birth Certificate that allows you to name it. They love to be part of the family. They are very tame, docile and well behaved!

A FuglyBug loves to be named and adored. Please, give one or more a home. They can be kept in groups without fear of anything untoward happening! They do not stray or wake you in the middle of the night. Who could ask for more?

A FuglyBug make a great gift. Make someone’s day. Make a FuglyBug’s day.

Look for the rare species, a much sought after specimen; The Golden FuglyBug. 24 carat gold plated and individually numbered.

To find out more and purchase a FuglyBug, or to go to the fun Kids Zone with colouring in sheets, cards and party invites, all free to download, click on the link to arrive at www.fuglybug.com


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The FuglyBug name, designs, material and associated Logos are Trade Mark of Nicholas Warburton, 2010 onwards.

Each FuglyBugTM is unique and created as an individual. Give a home to one or two now. A fun gift and an entry into art.