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Metal Sculptures

“I love the challenge of producing a one-off piece, no matter how big or small.

Each project is a new challenge, using the skills and knowledge I gained from previous works to push my boundaries and skills further.

To evoke emotions in the public and especially clients means a great deal to me.”



“I love to spend time outdoors. Each season holds something special. I am fortunate that where I live I can watch nature and the elements.

I like to work at the speed of nature when capturing images of wildlife. A chance to study and learn about them in their environment while striving to gain an image that people will enjoy and want to own and view in their own home or office.

I also like the challenge of product photography in striving to create the type of image the client desires.”


Nicholas Warburton is a metal sculptor and photographer who lives and works in Ludlow, South Shropshire, England.

His love of making things and his artistic talent have been a constant and companion running alongside his property business.

His photographic work is often based around skyscapes and silhouettes. His passion for these is reflected in his creations. The ever changing canvas of the sky permits one to see many forms, textures and colours. This enables Nick to capture these special moments and share them with those who appreciate the beauty of nature as he sees it through his eyes and lens. Black and white compositions only enhance the contrasts of that provided around him to then share with you.

Nick’s sculptures can capture moments in time in a similar way to his photographs, representing emotions and thoughts or simply illustrating something beautiful. His love of metal and eye for detail make his sculptures a thing of beauty and desire. He gives a delicacy to a medium that is normally associated with industry and immensity.

Nick has accumulated his sculpting skills over many years. He trained as an Automotive Engineer building and working on high performance, replica and competition vehicles. He learned to work and fabricate with accuracy, detail and imagination. He progressed to become a College Lecturer in Motor Vehicle, Engineering and Welding. Here, he was able to utilise his enthusiasm and talents to teach thousands of students new skills.

Nick’s artistic talents have been well received and appreciated and regular work for him. Nick has creations in various countries around the world and his work now also has a celebrity following. His characteristic style of photographs and sculptures prove to be both desirable and collectable, allowing one to have a feature that is a talking point as well as a focal point within a space. Any creation by Nick Warburton is a possession to appreciate.

About Nick

Ludlow, Shropshire